What drives us

Innovation is our passion

We want children to have a childhood they will remember fondly. Through the constant development of new product ideas, we take children into a fantastic underwater world where a new bathtub adventure awaits again and again.


We love children!

The aim of making children smile lies at the heart of everything we do. We dedicate all our efforts to making washing and bathing a special experience for little adventurers. At the same time, we place paramount importance on the development of educationally valuable products that offer scope for creativity, imagination and fun.


We love nature!

Sustainability is an important issue for us. We feel responsible for preserving the Earth as a whole and protecting it for future generations. It goes without saying that we do not use any ingredients that are harmful to the environment and particularly to marine life, such as micro plastics. The city of Heidelberg has twice presented us with the award for ‘Sustainable Management’.

Only best quality for children's sensitive skin

In order to ensure that parents can also enjoy their children’s bath time with complete peace of mind, we guarantee safe, top-quality products. All Tinti products are specially developed for children's sensitive skin and their skin compatibility is dermatologically approved. The products contain natural or food colouring and do not discolour the skin or bathtub.


More information about our Tinti Quality