Company Milestones

Now it's getting colourful in the tub! Since 1999, we have been synonymous with bath-time fun products for children. In the beginning, it was all about colours and colouring. Today, our huge range of products continues to offer new sensory experiences for children. The products colour, bubble, fizz and crackle excitingly in the water whilst simultaneously leaving children’s sensitive skin beautifully clean. This has made Tinti one of the most popular and well-known brands for bath-time fun. Alongside Tinti, the brand spielstabil has now also become part of the company's portfolio.


Today: Tinti - loved throughout generations

With its high-quality portfolio, Tinti is one of the leading manufacturers of bathtime fun products for children.

2014: spielstabil - indestructible

The company Martin Fuchs Spielwaren and its spielstabil brand are acquired. The highly durable sand toys impress with their exceptional quality and unmistakeable design.


2010: Tinti GmbH & Co. KG is born

The company Heidelberger Naturfarben is re-named as Tinti GmbH & Co. KG.


2009: Tinti natural cosmetics

The first natural cosmetics for children are launched. Natural cosmetics continue to be a key element of the Tinti portfolio today.


2004: Our new company headquarters

With the move to its new headquarters in Heidelberg-Wieblingen, the company sets the course for further growth.


2002: Dr. Rainer Wild Holding is founded

Rainer Wild bundles its company holdings into Dr. Rainer Wild Holding, which today's Tinti GmbH & Co. KG is part of.


1999: Bathwater colours for everyone!

The Tinti bathwater colours have been around since 1999. Even back then, the product packaging (which was still yellow at the time) already featured the colourful octopuses. The ‘Tintis’ became the product trademark.

1997: How it all began

Our company as it is today, is founded by Prof. Rainer Wild as Heidelberger Naturfarben. The first product is the Fabio paint box. The founding stone for the development of innovative children’s products is laid.