Did you know...

... that our bathwatercolours are also great for the paddling pool?

Tinti bathwatercolours can easily be used in the paddling pool in the garden on hot summer days. Depending on the size of the pool, just add one or two tablets to the water and let the colourful splashing fun begin!


... which colours are created if our bathwater colours are mixed?

By adding one red and one yellow bathwater colour tablet to the bathtub together, the bathwater will turn orange. If red and blue are mixed, you’ll get purple. And popping in one yellow and one blue bathwater colour tablet together will turn your bathwater green. Try it for yourself the next time you jump in the tub!


... how many different sponge figures there are in our products?

All in all, our Magic Baths, Magic Eggs, Dino and Fairy Eggs hide over 60 different sponge figures in eight different colours.