Our quality commitment

Safe ingredients

When developing a recipe for a new product, we consider over 500 different raw materials to choose those that optimally fulfil our product requirements. Our requirements include the emotional and play value from a child’s perspective, in addition to care and safety aspects from a parent’s point of view. Every single raw material is specifically tested to ensure its complete safety before being approved. After all, the safety of children’s products is of paramount importance to us.

Our recipes usually consist of a basis, such as sea salt or urea beads. If necessary, mild, plant-based surfactants are used to cleanse the skin, which are enhanced with child-friendly fragrances and harmless natural or food colouring. In order to prevent children from eating our scented products, we use natural bitterns. These have a bitter taste that will ensure the products are not consumed. The ingredients are carefully selected to make sure that they pose no health risk for children if a small amount is swallowed by accident.

We believe that the meticulous choice of ingredients is absolutely indispensable for children’s products. For this reason, we use top-quality raw materials in Tinti products. We only use natural or food colouring and fruity, sweet child-friendly fragrances. None of our recipes contain parabens, PEG derivatives or sodium laureth sulfate. Every single recipe undergoes a skin compatibility test for sensitive skin before it is approved for sale.

Certified production

Before a developed recipe is produced for the first time, it needs to be stable. This means that there must be no microbiological, chemical or physical changes within a predefined period of time. The first production run is critical for every product, and we monitor it personally on-site. Even during subsequent production later on, every single production batch is checked to ensure that the products meet our strict Tinti quality criteria. This is also why samples are kept from each production run. This means that even three years after production, we can still check that all the requirements were met. In keeping with this, we store over 1,000 product samples every year.

Our production sites meet extremely high certification standards, including GMP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC Food, IFS Food and IFS HPC. As a result, independent certification bodies confirm that our products not only comply with legally applicable product safety regulations, but also fulfil significantly higher standards, too. In order to receive certification, the production process is inspected in relation to a multitude of several points. This spans raw material procurement, incoming goods inspection and production, all the way to documentation and traceability during delivery to retailers. This ensures we can always identify exactly which raw materials were used in individual production batches and to which retailer the product was eventually delivered, thus achieving maximum transparency concerning the safety of our products, which we can fully reflect in our inventory management system.

Comprehensive tests

We begin by carrying out our own extensive tests on each product in our bathtub lab until we are completely convinced and excited. The development of a new product can therefore take more than 1,000 hours. Our employees and their children are our first and most critical testers to evaluate the product experience. Each product is subjected to dermatological tests, safety assessments or even application tests. As part of this, our products are tested in accordance with the Regulation on Cosmetic Products or the Toys Directive.

In order to guarantee that our products only contain the selected ingredients, they are tested for critical substances that we definitely want to exclude from our children’s products. These tests are carried out by recognised testing institutes that write several thousand pages of test reports every year, which we meticulously work through. We only release a product for sale once all tests have been successfully passed.

Educational value

Children tend to place no great importance on being clean. Thanks to Tinti, parents don’t need to coax their little ones into the tub any longer. On the contrary, because bath time with Tinti is so much fun, the kids will be ready for a bath in seconds. Instead of being a chore, body care thus becomes a fun experience for children.

In addition to guaranteeing bath-time fun, Tinti can also promote children’s development:

  • Training the senses
    Children learn about the world around them through their senses. Already from early infancy, colour plays a pivotal role in helping children to actively perceive their environment. This way, Tinti helps children to train and use their senses to the full. This builds a sound foundation for the development of children's creativity and social skills. The choice and intensity of colours is therefore particularly important to us when developing our Tinti products.
  • Understanding cause and effect
    Adding Tinti products to the bathwater and watching how the colour or fragrance changes is a fantastic experience for a child. Adults are very familiar with the concept of ‘cause and effect’, but especially for young children it’s often still difficult to understand the connection. This level of comprehension needs to be developed at an early stage since it is an elementary part of everyday life from childhood onwards.
  • Development of the imagination
    By using their imagination, children can picture new situations and feelings regardless of what they actually perceive with their senses. Imagination thus not only helps children to solve problems, but is also a prerequisite for empathy and a basic component of the learning process itself. Since having an imagination is not an innate ability, it needs to be stimulated regularly from an early age. Tinti products can open the door to children’s imagination. They invite them to dive into fantastic underwater worlds in the truest sense.
  • Personality development
    Playing is crucial to enable a child’s personality to develop. Everything that children see, hear, touch and perceive quickly becomes a game. This is how children discover all their surroundings and familiarise themselves with unknown things. Through regular and intensive play, children develop emotionally and socially whilst also honing their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Tinti products therefore offer them a special play experience – not only in the bathtub, but also ‘on dry land’ in their nursery with the product packaging or bonus surprises.