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It's getting colourful
in the tub!

With Tinti, kids can’t wait for bath time.
Our Tinti products stimulate children’s natural play instinct.

Fun in the tub guaranteed!

With Tinti, kids dive into a
fantastic underwater world where adventure awaits.

Bathtime fun for
adventure lovers
big and small

Bathfizzers and
Bubble Baths

Fizzing bathwatercolours, bath bombs and bubble baths bring colourful fun and variety to the bathtub.

Bathfizzers and<br>Bubble Baths

Bath Pearls and Crystals

Pleasantly fragranced Bath Pearls and Crystals colour the water and ensure gentle care for children’s delicate skin.


Bath Pearls and Crystals

Bath foam
and soap

With Bath Foam, Bath Confetti, Painting Soap and Kneading Soap washing turns into a creative experience.

Bath foam</br>and soap

Play and

Crackling Bath, Tub Party, Magic Wand and much more offer a playful experience in the tub.


Play and</br>collect

Our quality commitment

Safe ingredients

How is a Tinti recipe actually created? From over 500 different raw materials, we select those that optimally meet our product requirements.


Certified production

How are Tinti products made? Because of our stringent quality criteria, our production sites meet high certification standards.


Comprehensive tests

How safe are Tinti products? After comprehensive tests in our bathtub lab, our products are inspected by recognised testing institutes for up to 100 critical substances.


Educational value

How does Tinti help my child’s development? Our products offer a huge range of sensory experiences. They promote children’s development and stimulate their natural play instinct.