At Tinti GmbH & Co. KG we manufacture fun bath and skin care products and toys for children. Emphasis is placed on the development of products that set new benchmarks in terms of health and the environment. Our educationally valuable products should provide children with endless scope for creativity, fantasy and fun.  At the same time, our entire product range satisfies the highest quality requirements.

We feel particularly responsible for preserving the Earth as a whole and protecting it for future generations. A fundamental environmental principle, as a key element of our corporate product philosophy, governs our relationship with the environment. All Tinti employees share the values that form the basis for our joint actions.

For example, we act in an environmentally conscious manner in the development of our production and the sales and marketing of our products, amongst other things, and ensure that we comply with statutory regulations. Day by day we work on breathing life into our own set of values through our actions in the areas of quality, the environment and responsibility. We are aware of the fact that we can improve our services in certain areas. Our aim is to constantly strive for a sustainable approach to our environment.