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Tinti – Fun in the bath! Quality and trust from Tinti

Children can have a special experience with Tinti! The fun bath and play products turn washing, bathing and showering into a real pleasure and an incredibly creative play experience. The trick is quite simple: Tinti brings colour, play and fun into the water! And whilst Tinti provides fun for children, parents should know that the products are harmless to children's delicate skin, contain no preservatives and do not discolour the skin or bath tub.

When it comes to quality, then creative play ideas and a high enjoyment factor in particular are essential elements, alongside superior ingredients and a sustainable manufacturing method, which make the difference to Tinti fun and play products providing a relaxed and fun bathing experience. Only with a combination of outstanding functionality with play and fun is it possible to encourage childlike curiosity, the joy of discovery and independence and achieve a positive washing and body care experience through sensory perception.

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Tinti upholds an all-embracing quality promise. A broad range of products achieve excellent results in tests. Bath fun and play products from Tinti reflect the use of natural ingredients and certified quality.

The IONC awards crackling care bath the "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal

Crackling care bath was awarded the IONCs "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal in 2009, confirming that the raw materials used comply with the IONC's stringent quality standards and guidelines. At the same time, the IONC's (German Association of Industrial Companies and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, food supplements and personal hygiene) control mark represents a trusted constant among an ever-growing range of natural, plant-based and biological cosmetic products. In addition, independent certification institutes test the ingredients and composition of the individual products.

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The Dermatest Institute confirms that the bathwater colours have "excellent skin compatibility"

Extensive dermatological tests on Tinti products by the independent Dermatest Institute resulted, as well as all other Tinti cosmetic products, in the bathwater colours receiving a verdict of "excellent" in terms of their skin compatibility. Tinti's bathwater colours are particularly ideal for children's sensitive and delicate skin and completely harmless. With its extensive testing procedures, the Dermatest Institute guarantees consumer and manufacturer safety. Products awarded the seal by the test institute live up to the promise of tested and certified quality.

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CE-Mark for certified safety

All Tinti toy products have been awarded the CE mark. The European Community mark (Communauté Européenne, CE) documents compliance with the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 EC that also encompasses the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG). Toys that are launched on the German market must carry this mark and give consumers the assurance that they are purchasing certified quality.

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Sustainable business - out of respect for nature

Tinti GmbH & Co. KG was recognized for its sustainable management back in 2005. In 2012, the company was once again presented with the award as part of the City of Heidelberg's "Sustainable Management" cooperation project.

"For us, sustainable management means anchoring an integrated way of thinking in the company. This is based on the key pillars of using of high-quality raw materials, using natural resources responsibly as well as offering flexible work-time models to our employees"

As well as further reductions in the consumption of electricity, gas and water, the company's goods shipment operation has also achieved notable successes, for example, through the use of environmentally-friendly packing materials. Conventional polystyrene chips have been replaced with paper chips, which are manufactured from paper rolls in line with demand and can then be recycled as waste paper by the end customer.