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Children can have a special experience with Tinti as Tinti turns washing, bathing and showering into a real pleasure. The trick is quite simple here: Tinti brings colour, play and fun into the water! And whilst Tinti provides fun for the children, parents should know that the products are harmless to children's delicate skin, contain no preservatives and do not discolour the skin or bath tub.

Basic Selection

Bathing is colourful – as Tinti brings colour into your bath. And one thing is clear: since Tinti bathwater colours and painting soaps have been around, it's no longer just the rubber duck that squeaks with delight!

Magic Selection

Bathing is magical – but only with Tinti because here children can have a real 'hocus pocus' experience in the bath tub: with crackling magic, magic bath and many more surprises. Tinti does both "Abra" and "cadabra!"

Toy Selection

Bathing is fun - as Tinti turns the bath tub into a totally crazy water playground: floating puzzles, squeaky Tintis and many more bath tub games. It's child's play!

Care Selection

Bathing cares for the body and is fun – but only with Tinti because the nurturing Tinti products are also fun too: colourful, crackling and foamy. With colourful foam soap, crackling care bath and shampoo, having a bath is sheer pleasure!