Fun & Games

Who said that we can only have fun with Tintis in the bath tub?

Tops, Taps and Tipsi invite you to have tricky puzzling fun in the "Fun & Games" section of Tintis' World. Whether it's making things, painting or doing puzzles - it will be fascinating. Just download the templates, print them out and you are ready to begin!


Do you fancy Underwater Twins? You can get started straight away: once you have printed out the template, stick it to rigid cardboard and then cut out the cards along the black line.

This is how it works:

First of all, lay the cards with the pictures face down and mix them up well. The aim is to find pairs; the first player turns over two cards, shows them to the other players and lays them face down again in the same position if the cards do not match. Everyone must try to remember the position of the cards. The first person to uncover a pair can keep them and turn over two more cards straight away as a reward. The winner is the player who has collected the most pairs at the end of the game.

Download here:

> Underwater Twins


The Tintis have met up with an old friend again deep down on the seabed. But who could it be? When you paint each field in the colour of the symbol then you will see Tintis' fun friend.



Download here:

> Painting by symbols

There's also a colouring picture of Taps here to print out for little artists. Do you still remember which colour you need for Taps? Why not create a Tinti gallery for your bedroom that you can extend a little at a time?  Let's see whose turn it is next.


Download here:

> Colouring picture of Taps


Chaos has broken out in the depths of the sea! A few mistakes have appeared on the careless magic wand whilst it was performing magic. Help the Tintis to find five mistakes and circle them in the picture on the right!     


Download here:

    > Spot-the-difference puzzle