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Questions asked

What age group are Tinti bath fun and play products suitable for?

All Tinti products are suitable for children over three years old. Older children and adults can also have fun with the different applications and exciting play ideas that the bath fun and play products offer.
The products can be used for children from the age of one under supervision.

Are the products also suitable for children under the age of three years old?

As a lot of the products contain small parts, children must be supervised to prevent these being swallowed. The Tinti Crackling Bath should not be used by children who are easily frightened because of the noise that it generates.

Can your skin and hair become discoloured?

No discolouration should occur if the products are used properly. Please refer to the information on the respective products on how to use them. For example, Tinti painting soap should not be used for cleaning your hair. In exceptional cases, any discolouration to your skin or hair, caused by improper use or using too much product, is completely harmless and will generally wash out within a few days.

Is there any concern about swallowing bathwater whilst using the bathwater colours?

There is no risk whatsoever as all raw materials in them are harmless to health and tested in accordance with the current directives and legislation. We also only use ingredients from the food sector.

How is the high standard of quality achieved and continuously guaranteed when manufacturing Tinti products?

Besides on-going monitoring of the ingredients and quality standards, all products are also manufactured to the recognised Cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

All products are regularly monitored using internal quality checks as well as external test institutes. This involves analysing samples from all product batches on a regular basis.

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Which ingredients are used to manufacture Tinti bath fun products?

Our predominantly natural raw materials come from different countries. We focus on using only the best ingredients for our high-quality Tinti products. In the following directory, you will find information about the ingredients:

Database of the portal

Which ingredients in the Tinti bath products are used as cleaning agents?

The cleaning agents in the products from the Care Selection are wash-active substances known as surfactants. Therefore the products are especially suitable for children's sensitive skin.

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Why is it important that Tinti products do not contain preservatives?

We deliberately avoid using artificial preservatives so that children's delicate skin is not exposed to any unnecessary stresses and strains.

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Are any animal experiments carried out in the development of Tinti bath fun and play products?

No animal experiments are carried out whilst manufacturing and developing Tinti products.

Are the Tinti bathwater colours also suitable for sensitive skin?

The well-known Dermatest Institute tested the Tinti bathwater colours as well as the rest of the Tinti range and awarded them an "excellent" rating in terms of their skin compatibility. All manufacturers are obliged to carry out extensive dermatological tests on new cosmetic products before they are placed on the market for the first time. The objective of these tests is to check the formulations closely for their compatibility according to clinical and dermatological criteria.

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Can people with neurodermititis or other skin conditions use the Tinti bath products?

So far we are unaware of any negative effects when using Tinti bath products. However, as the products were developed for use on healthy skin, consumers should check the ingredients listed in all cases if they are aware of any intolerance, known pre-existing skin conditions and allergies and contact their doctor regarding the use of the products.

Can Tinti bath products trigger allergic reactions despite the extensive tests?

All ingredients are tested in accordance with the requirement of the German Cosmetics Ordinance, amongst other things. The products are generally completely harmless if used correctly. However, an allergic reaction cannot generally be ruled out completely as natural raw materials, such as fruit or nuts, can also trigger allergic reactions. Consumers should check the ingredients listed in all cases if they are aware of any intolerances or known pre-existing skin conditions and allergies and contact their doctor regarding the use of the products.

Crackling care bath was awarded the BDIH "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal. What does this certificate relate to?

The BDIH (German Association of Industrial Companies and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, food supplements and personal hygiene) "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal represents a trusted constant among an ever-growing range of natural, plant-based and biological cosmetic products. The seal that was developed as a mandatory quality standard by well-known natural cosmetics manufacturers in 2001 guarantees that only raw materials that comply with the BDIH's stringent guidelines are used in the manufacture of certified products. In addition, the BDIH tests the ingredients and composition of the individual products. Only products that comply with the stringent criteria are allowed to carry the BDIH "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal.

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How are the dermatological tests conducted?

The so-called patch test is designed to detect if any substances cause a major skin irritation or a contact allergy. This involves applying the formulations to be tested onto the skin of adult volunteers endemically and for a limited period of time and checking for any irritation. To this end, the skin is firstly roughened in order to make it more sensitive. All Tinti products were extensively tested.

Can different Tinti bath and play products be combined with each other?

All Tinti products can be combined with each other. In this way, new bathing experiences and exciting play opportunities are created time and time again.

What causes the crackling effect when using Tinti crackling care bath?

The crackling effect is a purely physical process and completely harmless. The crackling effect is produced by releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and can be likened to carbon dioxide escaping when opening a bottle of mineral water.

How is Tinti bath confetti used?

Simply throw the bath confetti into the bathwater, conjure up fun tattoos and then use them as soap.

Why is the foam in Tinti foam bath not coloured?

According to the very latest scientific findings, it is unfortunately not possible to colour the bath foam.

How many different surprises are there in Tinti magic bath?

There are currently 50 different surprises to collect in Tinti magic bath.

What is the correct way to use Tinti modelling soap?

The modelling soap works in the same way as normal modelling clay. Different figures and shapes can be created with dry hands and then your hands can be easily rinsed under the water. It can be used both as soap and as modelling clay.

How is the Tinti magic towel used?

Remove the wrapper and simply place in the water. A cuddly towel with a fun Tinti motif will soon emerge after a short time.

Do Tinti bath products discolour sanitary equipment and acrylic bathtubs in particular?

Smooth surfaces, such as shower trays or bathtubs can be rinsed and are not discoloured by Tinti bath products. Discolouration may occur on rough surfaces, for example, due to limescale deposits.

Can tiles or joints become discoloured when using Tinti bath products?

Natural stone tiles and joints may become discoloured in certain circumstances and, to be on the safe side, should therefore not come into direct contact with Tinti bath products.

How are bathtubs and showers cleaned again after using Tinti bath products?

Simply rinse your bathtub, wash basin and shower with clean water after use. Any discolouration of limescale deposits can be removed with standard bathroom cleaning products.

What can I do if colour gets onto a towel or other textiles?

We are unable to give a general statement on the removal of any discolouration or stains because of the large variety of different textiles on the market. Therefore we recommend that textiles do not come into direct contact with Tinti products.

Which company owns the Tinti brand?

The company, founded in 1997 as Heidelberger Naturfarben GmbH & Co. KG by entrepreneur Prof. Rainer Wild and renamed as Tinti in 2010, is a leading manufacturer of bath fun and products for children. The company is part of Dr. Rainer Wild Holding and the Managing Director since September 2014 is Michael Mucha.

How long has the Tinti brand been around?

The Tinti brand with its fun octopuses has been around since 1998.

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As a trader, how can I become one of your customers?

Please contact our Sales team about this. We will require a copy of your business registration with your application.

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To further improve our range of products and meet our customers' wishes, we are always happy to receive your suggestions, ideas and product proposals.


Unfortunately I have ordered the wrong product. Can I cancel my order?

Our Sales Team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have or to provide you with information and advice.

What options do I have if I am not happy with a product?

If in exceptional cases you are unhappy with a product from Tinti GmbH & Co. KG, please send the defective goods to: Tinti GmbH & Co. KG, Quality Control, Mittelgewannweg 10, 69123 Heidelberg. Please enclose a short description about your complaint as well as your address. We will of course immediately send you a replacement for the product that you have rejected. Any warranty claims will be dealt with quickly and directly.

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