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About us


The company, founded in 1997 as Heidelberger Naturfarben GmbH & Co. KG by entrepreneur Prof. Rainer Wild and renamed as Tinti in 2010, is a leading manufacturer of bath fun and play products for children. The company is part of Dr. Rainer Wild Holding.

Emphasis is placed on the development of Tinti fun bath and skin care products that set new benchmarks in terms of health and the environment and provide children with endless scope for creativity, fantasy and fun. All of the company's products satisfy the highest quality requirements and contain no preservatives. Dermatological tests have verified their excellent skin compatibility. The broad range of products sold under the Tinti brand offers non-hazardous, natural and colourful bathing fun for children.

The first stand-alone product for children - the "Fabio" children's paint box" from 1998 - became a success: BioFACH, the leading industry trade fair, nominated it "Product of the Year" and Öko-Test gave it a "recommended" rating. This meant that the first milestone in the development of creative and innovative fun products for children was reached. The breakthrough came shortly thereafter with the development of the Tinti brand and the invention of the colourful bathwater colours: the first products from the Tinti brand went on sale in September 1999. The success story began with the first batch of a million colour tablets as the entire production quantity was sold within a short space of time. Turnover continued to increase with the bathwater colours receiving a verdict of "excellent" from Öko-Test (02/2002).

Today, Tinti GmbH & Co. KG sells several million bathwater colours tablets, pearls and crackling bath pops as well as many tons of liquid cosmetics each year. With around 50 employees, Tinti continuously develops new, environmentally and educationally valuable fun batch and skin care products.